• Welcome to the Arc of Iris

    A Character restaurant with amazing food!

    Happy Hour: 4-6pm, Tues to Sat

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  • Local foods matched with local wines

  • A Time to Relax and Enjoy with Friends

Welcome to the Arc

We now have a bar license & can serve drinks without food!  – Open Tues-Sat from 4pm

Daily Happy Hour! 4-6pm: Spirits & House wine $5, Small Plates $15, kids $10 

200g Porterhouse Steak special $25!
(no further discounts apply)

Happy Hour!

AT ANYTIME $30 Mains: Pork, 2 x Pasta, Vegan Green Curry.

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$30 meals for June – July – August!

(Cannot be used with ANY promotion/voucher/discount/BYO in which case full price is charged):

* The Pork Belly

* Vegan Green Curry

* Orecchiette Arcobaleno

* Parpedelle Ragu


We’re the little gastronomic delight the Margaret River locals try to keep secret, and why not, they know a good thing when they experience it. However, at the Arc of Iris, we think everyone deserves a chance to experience our exquisite collection of tastes.

With a reputation for excellent food and welcoming service, you’ll find us at the top end of the main street in Margaret River and we’re open from 5pm, 5 nights a week, Tuesday – Saturday, 8:30pm (last orders). We are Fully Licensed and our great wine list is drawn from local wineries.

If you’re looking for an exceptional dining experience with tastes that will bring you back time and time again join us at the Arc of Iris, and discover why we’re the locals best-kept secret.


Quality Local Produce

The Margaret River Region is about wonderful local produce and here at the Arc of Iris, we are passionate about promoting and supporting our regional suppliers. There are seasonal variations and according to availability our local suppliers may change but we consistently support a cross section.

From quality local wines to the choicest cuts of free range meats to olive oil, cheeses, bread and even ice cream, we choose quality and we choose local.


About the Restaurant

Arc of Iris: A short history of a much-loved Icon!

The Arc of Iris is a Margaret River institution and over the years has been much loved by both locals and visitors alike. Established in 1990 it is Margaret River’s oldest restaurant and even today its shabby chic look is retained as it is so reminiscent of its humble beginnings.

Initially, there were few tables and chairs so customers simply bought their own along with them. For a long time drinks were served from old jam jars and there were old oil drums to sit on. When they got fed up with this; patrons went to the op shop and started to purchase mismatched crockery and cutlery and furniture and so the eclectic look of The Arc began to form.

The Arc has always been about the food and even today that holds true with its current unpretentious décor and focus on amazing food.

Times and expectations change and with a huge increase in tourists rather than a reliance on local trade “The Arc” also had to evolve. In recent years it had grown very run down and tired looking and in 2014 it received a sympathetic makeover designed to brighten it up but to try and retain as much of the character as possible and all the history that goes with it.

Gone is the dim lighting, dark red, purple and mustard walls! Replaced by lighter and brighter colours, more lighting and that all-important liquor licence, as the business was definitely suffering from its BYO status.

It is still the same lovely old lady and the tradition of eclectic, mismatched furniture and crockery still endures but we do appreciate that a fuller refurbishment will be required at some stage.

If you are sitting on mustard bucket seats, holding mismatched cutlery and wondering why all the glasses on your table are different or maybe why all the chairs are! we hope, that this short history explains why. If you are looking for modern sleek and chic, then this is probably not the right place for you but, if you are here for the iconic dining experience at Margaret River’s oldest restaurant and have a sense of the history and character of the place then you should be able to relax into your surroundings, enjoy some of the original furniture and features accompanied by some great food in good old Arc of Iris traditional style!

If our décor is not to your taste, then we hope that you will at least have an understanding of why it is as it is and the historical and sentimental value of “The Arc” to the town.


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