Dietary Requirements

The menu at the Arc of Iris is quite flexible with our ingredients for those who have vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free or vegan diets. Please discuss your preferences/needs with our staff who will be happy to advise.

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To Start

Oysters – $4.50 each, or 6 for $24, or 12 for $44. (Any combination).

Fresh: Natural (gf) (df) or chilli-gin-ginger (df) or Mignonette (with shallot-red wine vinaigrette) (gf) (df)

Baked on the Grill: Blue cheese (gf) or Killer ‘Kilpatrick’ (Worcestershire-Bacon sauce) (df)


Margaret River Woodfired Bread – chargrilled with homemade dukkah, caramelised balsamic, olive oil and marinated olives. (gf/df av.) (veg) (V av.) $18

Tomato Bread – 4 pieces of pan-fried baguette topped with a delicious fresh tomato basilicum, garlic and olive mix, plus fetta. (veg) $20 Remove the fetta for dairy free and vegan. $18

Garlic Prawn –  a bowl of 6 creamy garlic prawns served with chargrilled Margaret River woodfired bread and a side salad. (gf av.) $22

Deepfried Camembert – (4 pieces) served with a rocket, pear and pinenut salad. Berry Coulis to complement. (veg) $22

Baby Squid Japanese Style – Tempura baby squid with wasabi aioli, served with a mixed salad of pickled carrot, cucumber, ginger, chilli, wakame and crushed peanuts soy-sesame-lime dressing. (df av.) $24

Roasted Local Bone Marrow – served with backyard parsley purée, woodfired bread and sea salt flakes. (gf av.) (df) $24

Baked Local Goats Haloumi – with a Baby Beetroot Mousse, wild rocket, slow cooked Cherry Truss Tomatoes and triple-glazed Walnuts, MR Woodfired Bread (gf av.) (veg) $24

Meat Mains

We specialise in local free range and grass-fed meats.

Blood Sausage – Served with truffled mash potato, caramelised apple, green beans, slow braised shallots, and woodfired bread. $39

Pork Belly – (Linley Valley Free Range). Slow cooked for 7.5 hours, served crispy on a bed of spiced braised red cabbage with homemade Pemberton apple sauce and baby potatoes. (gf av.) (df av.) $40

The Duck – (Our oldest dish!). Half a duck, twice cooked and caramelised in the oven served on Asian style vegetables with peanuts, ginger and coriander. Served with basmati rice. (df) (very low gluten) $42

Local Beef Cheek – Braised for 8 hours and served with creamy mash potato and baby carrots. LIMITED AVAILABILITY (gf) (df av.) $42

Prime Ribeye, 800g chargrilled – Served with a jug of our house made single malt-peppercorn jus, a bowl of green beans with bacon and a side of shoestring fries. Chef also puts a delicious homemade bone marrow butter on top. (gf av.) (df av.) $65


Due to the quality of the local meat this is fast becoming our most popular dish with people returning for it time and again and many stating that it is the best steak they have ever had! The bone marrow butter addition is genius!

Additional sides are listed separately if required.

Fish Lovers

Whole King Prawns – 800g of whole prawns grilled with fresh garlic, red onion and garden herbs, served in a cast-iron pan and accompanied by garlic baguette. (gf av.) (df av.) $45 

Fish of the Day – See our specials board or ask our friendly wait staff. Served with sautéed vegetables and a pumpkin-coconut purée. (gf av.) (df av.) Market Price usually $42/44

Pasta / Risotto / Vegan Curry

Angel Hair Crab Pasta – A rich creamy tomato sauce, chopped tomatoes, chilli, parmesan and a generous serve of blue swimmer crab meat, with homemade mild and spicy chilli sauce on the side. Fresh chopped chilli available on request. $38, Vegetarian $34

Orrechiette Arcobaleno – A semolina pasta with chorizo, semi sundried tomato, red onion, feta and parmesan cheese, grilled capsicum and olives. (df av.) $38, Vegetarian/Vegan $34

Parpadelle al Ragu – Pasta with a beef, pork and veal mince, slow cooked over 3 hours in a Sangiovese wine sauce. Authentic Italian recipe served with parmesan cheese. (df av.) $38

Saffron Prawn Risotto – A full flavoured risotto with asparagus and semi-sundried tomatoes. Prepared with a homemade tasty prawn fond, topped with 2 king prawns and parmesan cheese.(gf av.)  $38, Vegetarian/Vegan $34

Vegan Green Curry – With tofu, chilli, ginger, herbs, vegetables and jasmin rice (medium spicy). (gf) (df) (veg) (V) $38

Sides all $12 (except Greek salad $15)

Garden salad (gf) (df) (veg) (V)

Bowl of rice topped with dried shallots (gf av.) (df av.) (veg) (V av.)

Truffle-butter mash potatoes (gf) (veg)

Fries with aioli (df) (veg) (V av.)

Sautéed vegetable mix (gf) (df av.) (veg) (V av.)

2 grilled whole king prawns (gf av.) (df)

‘Hokkaido Mousse’ A healthy pumpkin-coconut purée (gf) (df) (veg) (V)

Greek Salad (gf) (veg) $15


Summary of abbreviations

gf) = gluten free.

(gf av.) = gluten free option available on request.

(df) = dairy free, (df av.) = dairy free option available on request.

(veg) = vegetarian.

(V) = vegan.

(V av.) = vegan option available on request.

Kids Meals – $15

Kids Pasta – Creamy tomato pasta topped with cheese. (veg)

Kids Garlic Prawns – (4 pieces) in a creamy garlic sauce with fries. (gf av.)

Kids Squid or Fish & Chips – Fried squid or fish of the day, shoestring fries, tomato sauce. (df

Kids Iced Drinks – (these are also a great dessert)

Strawberry or chocolate, in a trendy glass, swirled with syrup. Add flavoured milk over ice cream, topped with cream and a wafer, yummy! $8

Clown Face –  In a bowl swirled with syrup, a scoop of ice cream, a cone for a hat and sweets for the nose and eyes. $8

Just ice cream – A simple scoop of vanilla ice cream, in a bowl with chocolate or strawberry syrup. $6

Just ice cream – A simple scoop of vanilla ice cream, in a bowl with chocolate or strawberry syrup. $6


Sticky Date Pudding – Our signature dessert served with a warm butterscotch-hazelnut sauce and

vanilla bean ice cream. $15

Cassata – Cocoa and vanilla ice cream with cherry-brandy soaked dried cranberries, pistachios and cherries served with spiced berries (contains alcohol). $15

Choc Pudding – A rich, gooey centred chocolate cake served on chocolate ganache with, cream and vanilla bean ice cream. $15

Almond, Orange and Poppy-seed Cake – This is a taste sensation! Served with warm orange syrup, cream and ice cream. (gf) (df av) $15

Lemony Snickett – A decadent, deconstructed delight of; lemon sponge, meringue, warm lemon curd, ice cream and cream. (gf) $15

Bettenays Best – A local specialty of Nougat Liqueur (50ml) either coffee or white honey served over ice cream with nougat on the side. (contains alcohol) $20

Sorbet – 3 scoops, ask for our current flavours. (gf) (df) $12

Coffee Liqueur with a double shot of coffee in a tall glass topped with cream – ask our friendly wait staff if your favourite liqueur is available (30ml). $14

Affogato – A double shot espresso with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, $9 or with liqueur. (30ml) $17


Dessert Wines/Port –

Why not try one of our delicious, local dessert wines or ports? Perfect with your dessert or our cheese platter choose from 3 or 4 cheeses, a great share for the table.

Cane Cut Chenin – From Cape Grace, layered, not sickly sweet (75ml). $12/$39

Ice Pressed Chardonnay – Something unique from Fraser Gallop (75ml). $42

Fortified Muscat – From Howard Park, rich in hues of brandy (75ml). $15/$44


Chocolate Port – From Bettenays, it really does taste of port and chocolate (100ml). $12/$36

Nooky Delight Port –  A definite favourite from local winery Woody Nook (100ml). $14/$44   

A Generous Cheese Platter – with 3 or 4 of the following local cheeses;

Koonac Matured Goats Chèvre, Handmade Cambray Blackwood Blue Cheese, Margaret River Dairy Farm Smokey Cheddar or Cambray Sheep Camembert.

Condiments: Dried fruits, walnuts, relish/chutney and fruit bread.  (gf av. but no fruit bread) (veg) $36/$42



Beers – Corona, Stella Artois. $9

Apple cider – 5 Seeds. $9

Pale Ale – Fat Yak. $10

Bottled craft beers from Eagle Bay Brewing Co. (near Yallingup) all $10.

This is a very popular local craft brewery and to help your selection we have listed in brackets a familiar beer that each is similar too.

KolschLight and bright (Similar to, Becks, Heineken, Tooheys).

Vienna – Classic Bavarian style, loved locally! (Similar to, Lowenbrau, James Squires Golden Ale).

Pale ale – Aromatic, lively, American style (Similar to, Little Creatures, Fat Yak,James Squires IPA).

Black IPA A toasty dark malt beer. An emerging boutique style that typically lacks the roastiness and body of a strong stout and is hoppier than a strong porter.

Mild Ale – Malt driven, mildly hopped, for the drivers, 3.5 % (Rogers).


Spirits –(30ml) Gin, Vodka, Whiskey, Bourbon, Rum (dark or spiced) Brandy. $9

With a mixer: Coke, Tonic, Lemonade, Soda water, Ginger Ale, Ginger beer. $13

Liqueurs – (30ml) Baileys, Tia Maria, Disaronno, Grand Marnier, Drambuie, Southern Comfort, Lemoncello, Kahlua, Cointreau, Frangelico. $10


Soft drinks

Fizzy Drinks – Coke, Coke Zero, Lemonade, Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Soda, LLB. $5

Juices – Orange or Apple $5

Bottled water – Still 1 litre, Sparkling 750ml. $8


Hot Drinks

Coffee – Flat white, Cappuccino, Long black. Latte, Hot Choc, Mocha, Espresso, Chai. $5

Teas – English breakfast, Earl Grey, Green, Camomile, Rooibos, Mint. $5